High-Quality Fishing Tackle
Design and Manufacturer
in Japan.


The setting of arm is applied relatively hard material to make appropriate thickness, Arms start moving when it falls free with about 5g weight. To lower arm action response intentionally, Strong undulation is made as if heavy object moves, and high pitch action can keep attracting fish all the time.

Jackson Quake Claw

The Jackson soft bait range has gone salty with a range of new saltwater colours for the quake claw series baits.

Line Up

  1. KS

  2. ECⅠ

  3. ECⅡ

  4. GP

  5. BBF

  6. JBM

  7. GPO

  8. GPC

  9. BRF

  10. WSP

  11. CTC

  12. RME

  13. BSE