High-Quality Fishing Tackle
Design and Manufacturer
in Japan.


Riskbait is pursued necessary elements to make a bite. The most important things is strength of pushing water makes higher interest of fish more than slideaction. Combination with RA pop makes respond to many situations to get bites!

Lure Specs

Size Weight Type Range Hook Quantity Price
70mm 7g Floating - #6 - ¥1,500

(Price does not include tax)

Line Up

  1. SIW

  2. ABO

  3. SSS

  4. SGC

  5. CLS

  6. BPI

  7. HLK

  8. LRP

  9. MPC

  10. BSP

  11. GDM

  12. WDS

  13. KEB

  14. OKI

  15. SAC

  16. BSG