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Tiny Squid

The Tiny Squid inherits the back slide action, only in a smaller vesion, its so like and a perfect bady squid imitaition thats meant to be in the ocean. No need to use lead because of its nail sinker, which eliminates fish cautiousness simply by changing the direction of hook, it works with retrieving and drifting perfectly. The body profile of the Tiny Squid has been designed to enable sinker use in the pockets and its body shape prevent rolling, even when back sliding. The Tiny Squid is just perfect for rockfish and can be used with a jig head. 1.3g tungsten nail sinker is suggested for deep water spots such as from a boat or tetra. 0.9g is recommended for shallow water. Fluorocarbon line is prefered to assist in the backsliding action. After the backslide, slowly retrieve and let the Tiny Squid float, then pause causing the Squid to backslide again. This technique imitates a real Squid and its aciton is like and irresistable predators.

Lure Specs

Size Weight Type Range Hook Quantity Price
1.8inch - - - - 6 ¥440

(Price does not include tax)

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