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in Japan.

Pygmy Area series Py Crank

The maximum depth is approx. 1.5 m. In order to make it possible to dive abruptly, the clutch portion of the internal weight has been designed from the reinforcement section at the base part of the lip. It is secured with a long weight movement aisle that can not be seen elsewhere and while it is a micro size crank bait, it achieves both long casting distance and deep diving performance. The action has been set high pitch wobbling.

Lure Specs

Size Weight Type Range Hook Quantity Price
33mm 3.2g Floating - #6(Single) - ¥850

(Price does not include tax)

Line Up

  1. ALB

  2. BRP

  3. CLR

  4. MTB

  5. OLP

  6. RPK

  7. SKD

  8. YIK