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These days most minnows employ a low center of gravity to create stability. However the Shizuku 62V was designed for speed, as speed is a k ey to entice the strike. The Shizuku has a strong darting action when twitched and at sp eed can move through obstructions creating noise and vibration tempting fish to strike. Its weight balance is crucial to its swimmin g action and has been designed to specific specifications to obta in the required action, while being conscious to keep its tight actio n using its coffin shaped lip. Its body is constructed with flat surfaces, which creates variou s angles to reflect light and flash when retrieved and with its s lim baitfish profile body it attracts a wide variety of fish species.

Lure Specs

Size Weight Type Range Hook Quantity Price
62mm 4.4g Sinking - #12 4 ¥1,300

(Price does not include tax)

Line Up

  1. ASⅡ

  2. CCA

  3. RYⅡ

  4. WGP

  5. AGA

  6. MYA

  7. WLC

  8. OSD