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Daniel 3g 7g 14g【TROUT Native color】

Daniel is well known for super long castability and the ability to deal with wide range of retrieve speeds, this time The Daniel has a new size in 7 grams and 14 grams for lake and or wide stream fishing. Additionally, Daniel's advantages are not only the castalibity but also its swimming action that wobble and roll, that is so unique to Daniel. On top of this....Daniel's rear weighted shape is good for high speed falling in deeper water fishing situations. There are a number of Daniel fans in Japan, who have been asking and waiting for this size of Daniel !

Jackson Lure Clinic The Daniel

The Jackson Daniel is a very different metal lure, this video is an explanation on why its so different and so good!

Lure Specs

Size Weight Type Range Hook Quantity Price
35mm 3g Sinking - #10 - ¥800
46mm 7g Sinking - #6 - ¥850
57mm 14g Sinking - #6 - ¥900

(Price does not include tax)

Line Up

  1. UAY *3g 7g 14g

  2. LYA *3g 7g 14g

  3. MKY *3g 7g 14g

  4. CGR *3g 7g 14g

  5. GSO *7g 14g

  6. LCD *7g 14g

  7. LSM *7g 14g

  8. WWK *7g 14g

  9. UPK *3g only

  10. KKM *3g only

  11. PUP *3g only

  12. CHR *3g only