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in Japan.


The“ Kanade” allows the angler to fish slower sections of water column where the fish like to sit, reaching these slower pockets in faster stream s is now easier with the“ Kanade” “Kanade” has the ability to fall easily into pockets of water and the s emi long bib helps the angler hold that position. Its sensitive action through the rod tip is responsive and gives the Kanade a flashing and rolling action ma inly due to its trapezoid style body and has the ability to attract fish on the fall and the retrieve. The 45mm is a slow sinking type focusing on the responsiveness and accuracy while 40mm・50mm・60mm are heavy versions for faster water and deeper stream sections


Lure Specs

Size Weight Type Range Hook Quantity Price
40mm 3g Sinking - #14 - ¥1,200
45mm 3.4g Sinking - #14 - ¥1,250
50mm 5g Sinking - #12 - ¥1,300
60mm 8g Sinking - #12 - ¥1,400

(Price does not include tax)

Line Up

  1. GCY *40m 50 mm 60mm

  2. PCA*40m 50 mm 60mm

  3. STB*40m 50 mm 60mm

  4. HAY

  5. LYM

  6. CGR

  7. WPY

  8. WCY

  9. LAY

  10. BKG

  11. AUG

  12. CCA

  13. SKY