High-Quality Fishing Tackle
Design and Manufacturer
in Japan.


New species of crustacean plug. This chinu Koroli lure increases the avoidance capability caught by its own unique gravity. It keeps avoiding stuck, You only need to retrieve slowly to drag it at the bottom to get black sea bream.

This versatile little sinking lure can be used alone or with a crayfish style trailer, suitable for fresh and salt water bottom fishing.

Lure Specs

Size Weight Type Range Hook Quantity Price
31mm 5g Sinking - #6(Single) - ¥820
31mm 7g Sinking - #6(Single) - ¥820

(Price does not include tax)

Line Up

  1. BB

  2. EC

  3. SE

  4. KE

  5. GP

  6. RP

  7. SF

  8. BR

  9. BSH

  10. MGR

  11. WSC

  12. BRR

  13. CBS

  14. CNE