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Mastering the art of middle depth fishing will open a new door to bass fishing! Professional angler Makoto Igarashi supervised this Igajig Spin as a secret weapon to become a middle depth master. When seabass and other species are not eating from the bottom nor in shallow, anglers can aim at middle depth not knowing where and whether the lure is moving right, but this is where Igajig Spin comes in. We researched throughly the balance of weight and blade that so the anglers can feel every piece of the lure's movement. Being able to know what your lure is doing and where its placed in the water column wil lresult in more catches. The action can be felt in any depth and retrieve speed through the rod tip into the rod grip. This lure is absolutely a saviour for middle depth style of fishing, but it has great sensitivity and its abiities have expanded so it can be useful not only in the middle depths but in shallow water situations also. A new world and possibilities are waiting for you!

Lure Specs

Size Weight Type Range Hook Quantity Price
29mm 5g Sinking - #16 2 ¥1,400
31mm 7g Sinking - #16 2 ¥1,400

(Price does not include tax)

Line Up

  1. CPK

  2. GBO

  3. KBS

  4. KGL

  5. LMC

  6. OGO

  7. PCH

  8. SMO

  9. WAK