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Athlete 9JM

The Athlete 9JM is a heavy weighted lipless minnow, the lures shape and formation give it great stability in the air and extra casting distance. Despite the heavy weight the design and shape of the 9JM has been carefully crafted to ensure the lure has the correct action using multiple retrieves, from the slow to high speed retrieves. The ability of the Athlete 9JM to achieve various actions is due to the placement of the tow point and its positioning above the centre of gravity, allowing the angler to impart actions simply by varying retrieve speed. The Athlete 9JM is an extremely versatile lure, a crossover of minnow and metal jig styles. We happily offer the product at cheaper price only with split ring and no hooks to let each angler use preferred hooks. It is useful not only for Salvelinus laucomaenis and Cherry salmon in Hokkaido but also for flounder or blueback.

The Athlete 9JM is a sinking minnow that proven itself in a variety o saltwater fishing situations, from high speed retrieves to bottom fishing the 9JM is so versatile.

Lure Specs

Size Weight Type Range Hook Quantity Price
90mm 33g Sinking - No hook - ¥1,500

(Price does not include tax)

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