High-Quality Fishing Tackle
Design and Manufacturer
in Japan.


Retrieving at the bottom style with dart action by short jerk, It performs wide range of situation. The posture that the tail is floated by buoyancy of body hooks many bites.

The Bottom Magic is a unique sinking lure and certainly not your everyday stick minnow.

Lure Specs

Size Weight Type Range Hook Quantity Price
55mm 3.8g Sining - #8(Single) - ¥1,200
55mm 5.3g Sinking - #8(Single) - ¥1,200

(Price does not include tax)

Line Up

  1. GAL

  2. GLO *3.8g Only

  3. GLP *3.8g Only

  4. LOL *3.8g Only

  5. LPL *3.8g Only

  6. PNK *3.8g Only

  7. RCP *3.8g Only

  8. RLB *3.8g Only

  9. BLO *5.3g Only

  10. GOL *5.3g Only

  11. GSA *5.3g Only

  12. RPE *5.3g Only

  13. RPK *5.3g Only

  14. YIK *5.3g Only

  15. YSN *5.3g Only