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Daniel【SALT 7g10g】

Perfect size for blue fish and other medium to large sized pelagic species. There is a small spinning blade set at the tail behind the rear treble hook, its placement is crucial and does not interfere with the hook, but entices the bite and increases hook up rates. Not only does the blade add increased flashing and vibration but adds to the lures wobbling action and can be varied with retrieve speed used for the appropriate sopecies. It can adjust to fast retrieving speed too. The blade can also be used on fast retrieves and can be used as a abuzz bait style. The body is designed being considerate of the blade and its placement, so the blade will not reduce the long casting ability which characterizes "Tobisugi Daniel" series. The blade also enhances appeal when falling and an assist hook is placed at the rear of the head, which increases the chances of the hook set.

The Jackson Daniel is a very different metal lure, this video is an explanation on why its so different and so good!

Lure Specs

Size Weight Type Range Hook Quantity Price
46mm 7g - - #10 - ¥1,000
51mm 10g - - #10 - ¥1,050

(Price does not include tax)

Line Up

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