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Quick Head

The Quick Head has two separate tow point options, a sliding version and the standard fixed eye version, having both options gives the angler a wide variety of action and depth options. The sliding option allows for better bottom release when the head touches the bottom minimising snagging but still allows for maximum action in combination with the Quick Shad and its intense rolling action. The fixed eye tow point is a more direct towing point and allows the angler to control depth and be as close to the bottom at all times and a slow retrieve will add a slight vibration action in addition to the Quick Shad tail action and being more direct can be made to dart with drastic rod actions. The hook keeper section of the head allows for not only a quick change of the soft bait, but also holds it firmly but still allows the soft bait to behave with a very natural action. The shape of the head itself gives it the action and also maximum flash with its triangular flat sides and shape, which has been proven to be very appealing to fish. A premium finish is applied to make it a tough resistant head and always looks good and natural to fish and the plate through tow point system makes it very strong.

Lure Specs

Size Weight Type Range Hook Quantity Price
25mm 14g - - #6 - ¥850
35mm 21g - - #6 - ¥900
45mm 28g - - #6 - ¥950

(Price does not include tax)

Line Up

  1. CRT

  2. GOL

  3. GRC

  4. IPB

  5. LCD

  6. SBM

  7. WHE