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Quick Shad

The Quick Shad has been designed with a thicker more solid body so it keeps its shape during the cast and also retrieving the lure, and also making it hold well on the hook keeper system of the Quick Head. The size and shape of the Quick Shad produces maximum water displacement and along with its rolling action and tail vibration is very enticing to fish species. The body shape is purposely flat on the bottom to make it easy to fix the hook system and there is a slit in the tail to place the trailing treble hook to give optimum hook up rates from tail bites. The very rear of the tail points upwards to eliminate hook fowling from the rear hook and allow the soft bait to act naturally and give maximum vibration and wobble. The combination of the Quick Shad with the Quick Head give the angler a performance product with many options.

Lure Specs

Size Weight Type Range Hook Quantity Price
3.5inch - - - - 4 ¥500

(Price does not include tax)

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