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Tachi jig

A sword fish that reacts quickly to the falling bait. Metal jigs are very effective as fishing methods that make the most of their habits. However, lead has a fast fall due to its characteristics, and even if it is made to fall slowly, it will pass through the sword fish range in no time. For this reason, the Tachi jig uses light zinc. Zinc is a light material with a specific gravity of 7 compared to a specific gravity of 11 for water. Taking advantage of this lightness, it was possible to increase the appeal and raise the bite rate by slowly falling the range where the sword fish is located. Since sword fish are sensitive to light emitting objects, the color lineup incorporates full glow and a highly flickering zebra system, especially in the glow system. Wire assist is standard equipment to prevent line breaks inherent to fangs. A Tachi jig with no blind spots to attack the sword fish was completed.

Lure Specs

Size Weight Type Range Hook Quantity Price
- 20g Sinking - F#12 R#6 - ¥780
- 30g Sinking - F#13 R#4 - ¥840
- 40g Sinking - F#14 R#3 - ¥880

(Price does not include tax)

Line Up

  1. BPZ

  2. DPU

  3. GPP

  4. KSV

  5. PKZ

  6. PUZ

  7. RGZ

  8. SKP