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Cyarl Blade

Cyarl Blade was originally designed as a trout fishing lure, but it's snag-less function and size is effective for bass fishing also. The body s ize, hook and blade movement matched with the belly doubl e hook and larger stronger rear single make this suitable for larger trout and of course bass and has been completely tested on both species. This new model Cyarl has a fl oating and sinking versions that swims, and acts just like a frog, sitting perfectly life like on the pause to tempt fussy fish. The placement of the hooks and the balance of the Cyarl when retrieved make it a very snag proof lure and allow great hook up rates an d enable the angler to fish among structure, while the blades vibrate to entice the strike. The Cyarl Blade has been design with imaginative innovation, an d has maintained practical function.

Lure Specs

Size Weight Type Range Hook Quantity Price
48mm 4g Floating - F#8 R#4 4 ¥1,300
48mm 6.6g Sinking - F#8 R#4 4 ¥1,300

(Price does not include tax)

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