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Sake Dansyaku is a lure that is easy to cast as far as anyone else, swims in fast currents, and does not float easily. In estuariesand other fields with fast currents, wind, and waves, the Salmon Baron is unbeatable.On the other hand, the newly released "Sake Shogun" is designed to catch water and move reliably even when pulled atultra- dead slow speed in calm fishing harbors or under other conditions where the water is almost at a standstill, and tohandle irregular rotation with a good balance between catching and releasing water current.The body has an exquisitely calculated warp, which shifts the axis of the spoon and widens its swimming range, making theoctopus bait's movement more dynamic. The drag resistance created by this makes it easier for the angler to understand theaction of the lure. This is easily experienced in a wide range of situations and contributes to keeping anglers motivated.By using the Sake Dansyaku and Sake Shogun separately, there are no more blind spots left in the field.

Lure Specs

Size Weight Type Range Hook Quantity Price
75mm 45g Sinking - No Hook - ¥1,300

(Price does not include tax)

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