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in Japan.


The design objective for this lure was to have tight action and allow anglers to feel the pulsing vibration and sonics of the lure ri ght through the rod and to the hands, and so we have the Iga Jig Chatter. A larger flat bladed head is used to create a stronger resistanc e and move more water and entice predator y species and allow the angler to feel this movement also, the larger bladed head also allows the lure to h old its position in the water column and not rise on retrieve. The combination of the flat blade on the head and the small will ow blade on the belly enable anglers to feel the lure movement, along wi th the combination of both blades act ions gives the lure a unique action and also flash to entice the strike. The head colours and matching skirt configurations finish the Iga Jig Chatter well. The Iga Jig Chatter gives the angler a unique action, feel and a range of fishing situation options.

Lure Specs

Size Weight Type Range Hook Quantity Price
- 1/4oz Blade jig - #2/0 6 ¥1,150
- 3/8oz Blade jig - #3/0 6 ¥1,150
- 1/2oz Blade jig - #4/0 6 ¥1,150

(Price does not include tax)

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