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Line roller ZERO KAI Jackson Limited

In Collaboration with "M.T.C.W", a leading craft maker known for always creating innovative tackle, the "Line roller zero-kai Jackson limited" was born. It is custom item which ensures maximum performance when using PE lines. This is designed only for size No.2500 ~ 5000 of SHIMANO's spinning reels, which is for seabass, flat fish and light shore jigging. Suitable for PE 1~1.5 using an angled bush on the line roller. The Zero Kai decreases the wear on the line by putting the line into the roller immediately, and twist and entangling of the line is reduced dramatically at the same time. Therefore it helps to keep the best casting distance and reduced the stress for anglers. Improving the maintenance is one of the special features for this item, it is possible to keep its high rotation performance for a long period just by oiling the bearing which can be done by the angler himself. We proudly introduce "Line roller zero-kai Jackson Limited" with outstanding in quality and performance.

Line Up

  1. appropriate line: PE1~1.5 / applied reel: SHIMANO #2500~5000/¥8,500