High-Quality Fishing Tackle
Design and Manufacturer
in Japan.

About Us

Make a tool that you can enjoy. One by one, with soul.

Jackson Inc is well know for its history in unique designs and high quality fishing tackle products. A name well known by the Japanese fishing fraternity, and now very quickly getting the same high regard around the world for innovative and the highest quality fishing tackle for both salt and fresh water applications.
The Jackson company ethos remains the same since 1980 and the entire team at Jackson pride themselves on providing anglers all over the world with enjoyment and are dedicated to manufacturing reliable high performance fishing products.

Jackson began in the early days of Japanese lure fishing and launched the “Cherion”, the very first fishing rod specifically designed for Seabass fishing in Japanese waters. Then cam the now famous “Athlete” series lure with a new action for a minnow the anglers had not seen and remains a mainstay range in the Jackson stable to this day, this success prompted the team to produce further successful lures like “NyoroNyoro, “Pintail”, “Rogos” and “Artoron”. All of these lures were designed with innovation and new actions for specific fishing needs, and the news of this innovative designed quickly spread through the Japanese fishing world.
The design team at Jackson have never been afraid to produce the unconventional, the different and the specific for its customers and this plan has seen Jackson now used with great results all over the world.


You can download Jackson's latest catalogue here.